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Will enchant you with history and with modern details and offers quality housing in one- to three-room flats with kitchenettes in the beautiful heart of Prague. PSN has placed its trust in atelier OOOOX, which gave the design its youthful spirit. Enjoy life with a pulsing city at your back

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Rezidence Opletalova


The residence is located on Opletalova Street, which is part of the Prague monument reserve. Since 1992 this area has been listed under the name of the Historic Centre of Prague in the UNESCO World Heritage List due to its immense historical value.

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Rezidence Opletalova
Rezidence Opletalova


We have managed to connect a modern lifestyle with the building’s original atmosphere. The residence offers comfortable one- to three-room flats with kitchenettes, as well as ateliers and retail spaces.

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Rezidence Opletalova
Rezidence Opletalova

Architecture of the house

The main three-storey, five-axis street-front façade is richly decorated, with the outer expanded axes protruding as flat risalits. The strikingly rusticated ground floor opens to rhythmically alternating doors and shop windows. Above the entrance portal in the middle of the façade, volute consoles hold up a balcony with balustrades and two flag poles....

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Rezidence Opletalova
Rezidence Opletalova


In cooperation with CHS Praha and the architecture studio OOOOX, PSN has prepared a project for the compete reconstruction of the building. The sensitive renovation of the historic neo-renaissance architecture under the direction of David Skořepa (CHS Praha) will be complemented by a youthful interior from the pens of Radka Valová and Martin Moravec (OOOOX).....

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Rezidence Opletalova
Rezidence Opletalova


— Experience Rezidence Opletalova TODAY. Visit us, walk through the project and soak up the atmosphere…

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Rezidence Opletalova
Rezidence Opletalova
Number Type Floor Layout Orientation Total
area m²
Status Price CZK Special price
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OP21 Flat 2 1KK 23.1 sold Detail
OP22 Flat 2 1KK 20.5 sold Detail
OP23 Flat 2 1KK 32.2 sold Detail
OP24 Flat 2 1KK 37.1 sold Detail
OP25 Flat 2 2KK 75.3 sold Detail
OP26 Flat 2 3KK 113.5 sold Detail
OP27 Flat 2 1KK 34.4 sold Detail
OP28 Flat 2 1KK 45.2 sold Detail
OP31 Flat 3 2KK 46.5 sold Detail
OP32 Flat 3 1KK 34.5 sold Detail
OP33 Flat 3 1KK S 40.1 sold Detail
OP34 Flat 3 2KK 72.1 sold Detail
OP35 Flat 3 3KK 97.5 sold Detail
OP36 Flat 3 2KK 79.7 sold Detail
OP43 Flat 4 2KK 71.7 sold Detail
OP44 Flat 4 3KK 96.2 sold Detail
OP13 Flat 1 2KK 48.1 sold Detail
OP14 Flat 1 1KK 32.6 sold Detail
OP15 Flat 1 1KK S 31.7 sold Detail
OP16 Flat 1 2KK 59 sold Detail
OP17 Flat 1 2KK 57.5 sold Detail
OP18 Flat 1 1KK 20.3 sold Detail
OP11 Retail space přízemí STORE 112.6 sold Detail
OP12 Retail space RESTAURANT 295.8 sold Detail
OP45 Flat 4 2KK 81.1 sold Detail
OP41 Flat 4 2KK south-east 73.9 sold Detail
OP42 Flat 4 2KK south/west 62.7 sold Detail
OP52 Flat 5 2KK south-west 86 sold Detail
OP54 Flat 5 1KK south-east 46.5 sold Detail
OP55 Flat 5 2KK south-west 89.3 sold Detail



Rezidence Opletalova is a unique project, just like each of our customers is unique to us. If you have any questions regarding the project, write to us and we will answer you forthwith.